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The Blaha family has been supplying coal in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas for over fifty years.

House coal has been used to heat homes for many years because of its high and efficient heat. With the rising costs of heating oil and natural gas, many people are going back to heating their homes with coal.

We get our coal from local mines to try to get the best product for our customers. Our coal varies in size from large lump to small breakage.

We deliver and a customer can pick up by appointment only. We can also shovel the coal in where the customer needs it for an additional fee.



Limestone is an essential material for drainage, concrete bases, driveways and many more projects.


We get our limestone directly from quarries around Allegheny County to keep costs down and have better availability. We can get sizes from 1b to R5, but 2b and 3b are always on hand due to their high demand.

Our customers can pick up or we can deliver by appointment. We can also spread driveway stone (2b) with the truck when possible.



Topsoil is a key material in landscaping and gardening.

Our topsoil is from our family farm which is rich in nutrients to help plants grow beautifully. All of our topsoil is screened to eliminate most rocks and heavy lumps.

Deliveries and pick up orders are available by appointment.

Fill Dirt

Fill dirt is essential whether you need it to fill in a pool or to enlarge your yard.


We keep our fill dirt free of debris and with high clay content. High clay content is needed to achieve a better compaction.

Deliveries and pick up orders available by appointment.

All supplies are sold in bulk by the ton. Delivery requirements depending on location.

Contact us today for details at 412-751-7808 or send us an email.

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