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Septic Tank Installation and Repairs

Blaha Excavating has installed many septic systems in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas for over thirty years. We take pride in properly installing or repairing a septic system from start to finish.

Septic systems are installed at homes that do not have access to public sewer systems. This system has two parts; a tank and a drain field (leach bed). The tank separates the liquids from the solids. The solids are broken down naturally from bacteria in the tank. The liquid then flows to the leach bed to distribute waste water. A leach bed consists of gravel and pipes underground to further disperse the waste water.

We can also install a sand mound instead of a leach bed with a septic tank. A sand mound is similar to a leach bed except it is above ground and filled with sand.

After the project is completed we then backfill, finish grade and plant new grass on all disturbed areas.

For septic tank installation or repairs contact us today at 412-751-7808 or send us an email.

Septic Systems
Septic Systems
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