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French Drains

A french drain is essential if someone is getting water in their basement or around a retaining wall.

It is a system made up by putting sections of perforated pipe and gravel underground. The water will flow into the perforated pipes and flow away efficiently. Waterproofing these walls next to the pipes will aid in the system, especially below grade construction. French drains also can be a long trench dug into the ground and filled with gravel to take water away and carry it elsewhere.

If you are having a french drain installed next to your foundation because you are getting water in your basement, it is important to hire someone experienced. Imagine the consequences of having someone dig next to your homes foundation and not knowing what they are doing. It could possibly lead to even more damage to your home.

If a french drain is the solution to your water in the basement problem or anywhere on your property, contact us today at 412-751-7808 or send us an email.

French Drains
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