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Sewer Line Installation and Repairs

There is nothing worse than a person having issues with their sewer line, and when they have it fixed they want it done right. Blaha Excavating believes in doing each step of the process properly and professionally. We can either repair a customer's existing sewer line or completely install a new system.

Before we start a job we determine exactly where the sewer line goes and where other utility lines travel to ensure that there will be no further damage. We work with reputable registered plumbers in the area to make sure it is up to code.

After the old pipe is taken out and the new pipe is laid out we get it inspected by a county plumbing inspector. After it is properly inspected we backfill the disturbed are and finish grade. If the customer would like we can also hydroseed the area to bring it back to normal.

For sewer line installation or repairs contact us today at 412-751-7808 or send us an email.

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